Club girlStory

AgoL is dedicated to supporting our community.  We are keeping a record of the events our girls have represented at and participated in to capture our History.  Thank you to all of our girls for your dedication and service!

January 2021

First members meeting of the year was placed on January 8th. It was amazing to see everyone! We had a few changes within Leadership:

  • slave Elizabeth has stepped down as Leader. Still remains a huge AgoL supporter.
  • New Leader: Leathergirl Kris
  • Srgt. @ Arms/ webmaster: bunny nichol
  • Treasurer: Rena
  • Secretary: His spicy
  • Chaplin: Elle

August – December 2020

Due to COVID-19 all meetings continued to be via Zoom. The annual holiday brunch has been cancelled to the public this year. We are meeting to ensure a productive 2021.

July 2020

Despite COVID-19 numbers rising in Texas the AgoL members are resilient! We threw a Women’s Summit Virtually entitled :  A Day with Alexandra!!! Our talented guest was no other than  Alexandra St. James- Gray. “From Royal to Rebel Gray is the powerhouse you want to always have in your corner. She is an avid supporter of GLBTQIA youth. Having served as Empress 3,7,8 of the Windy City Empire and Ms. Iowa Leather 2017 she is a force of nature. Constantly teaching and doing her best to lift voices that often get lost. As a Black Trans Woman she simply pushes through to take her seat at the table.” We are so honored to have had this opportunity to have her present at this year’s Summit.

  • June 2020

Virtual Coffee Social & (At home) Bar Night!!! We are getting use to these zoom meetups.

May 2020

AgoL had a first… we had to decide if we would keep a pledge line knowing there was a breach of confidence. We decided that without trust within a pledge line or established members its best to release the the line. So for the first time we did. It was sad but necessary. We stand on the premise that holding a safe space for women in Leather is key! Not negotiable.

We also found out that on May 8th our Bar Night bar has closed its doors for good. The shut down of Austin due to COVID-19 is hitting everyone really hard. The great times we’ve had there will never be forgotten.

April 2020

Our first virtual meetings are happening! They went well. The Coffee Social now includes pajamas! However we truly miss Genuine Joe’s!

March 2020

COVID-19 HIT!! We have to shelter in place and figure out how to still provide a place for women in our community.

February 2020

First Friday at Genuine Joe’s we totally surprised bunny nichol with a few birthday surprises! We also begin to prep for Leather Pride in Texas with a presentation from or pledges on flagging. They did a wonderful job.

January 2020


January 2019: this is beginning to be an awesome year! I’m proud to announce that our fearless leader Elizabeth won the Ms. Texas Leather 2019 title!!!!!

February 2019: The girls are at it again! We celebrated at BT2 our fearless leader Elizabeth for her accomplishment of becoming Ms. Texas Leather 2019.

March 2019: Starting with a great 1st Friday meeting at Genuine Joe’s. We met some awesome new ladies as well as great discussions. Several of the ladies are gearing up for SPLF as well where AgoL will be represented at its best. Also this month our little bunny has been appointed the AgoL Sergeant at Arms.

April 2019: AgoL was represented by Elizabeth & Kris at the IMSL/IMSLBB as well as Bunny at the M/s Gathering. Our Monthly coffee social saw some awesome new faces as well. We thank everyone for coming out to support and hope to see y’all again soon.

May 2019: The ladies were so happy to volunteer and support the ArtErotica event here in Austin this year. It’s a great event for amazing charities. We had an amazing time and cannot wait for next year! The ladies are also super busy gearing up for our amazing Women’s Power Exchange Summit at the end of the month (check the events page). We are so honored to have our guest speaker MsDDom with us.  Hope to see everyone there!

June 2019: AgoL represented at Great Plains Olympus Leather in Dallas this month. Had an amazing time! We also had our Coffee Social at Genuine Joe’s on the first Friday.

July 2019: Coffee Social was a good time for sure this month. Something pretty awesome happened as well : Congratulations to both Elizabeth & bunny nichol for their nominations for the SOUTH CENTRAL REGION – PANTHEON OF LEATHER AWARD. We are so very proud of these awesome Leathergirls!

August 2019: if you haven’t attended one of our coffee socials your so missing out. Not only is the coffee yummy at Genuine Joe’s we always have great conversations on various topics. Not to mention it’s just great to kick back and hangout with fellow Leathergirls & Leatherwomen in our community.  Austin girls of Leather volunteered at United Court of Austin Coronation again this year! All the girls had a great time. It’s always a pleasure to attend and volunteer at this event.

September 2019: oh this was an awesome coffee Social this month! We did a joint social with the Beyond Brothas Social at Genuine Joe’s. Great energy and conversations shared across the board. If you would like more information on that group :


October 2019: This month we thank our awesome Women’s Summit sponsor Leather Pride in Texas!!!!!  To learn more about this event please go to:


We are also threw a Garage Sale this month. Proceeds went to a needy family in our community with all of our love.

November 2019: we started the month off with fun! We volunteered at the Mr. Austin Gear contest at the Iron Bear on Nov. 1-2nd. We had so much fun as cost/clothing checks! Then the following weekend we met back up at the Iron Bear for our very own Women’s Summit: Together We Rise – Meet & Greet on Friday, Nov. 8th. On Saturday Nov. 9th was our educational day with the phenomenal The Goddess Indigo. She gave us so many tools and different perspectives on how we view and treat ourselves and each other. WOW! Then after some time to reflect… we of course went to play deep into the night at the play party. Somehow, we managed to wake up for some sustenance and convos during our Brunch. Where Gene’s infamous cinnamon rolls had us completely satisfied again! Overall we had a very eventful month. Not to mention we welcomed in some new pledges during our coffee social. So excited!

December 2019:

This months Coffee Social was filled with so many awesome new and returning faces! We discussed some of the upcoming changes within the group in 2020, updates on the website and within Bi-laws. We are so excited for this years Holiday Brunch : Unicorn Yule! So be sure to check out our event page for all upcoming events & socials! Happy Holidays!!!!


AgoL welcomes you to the new year! We look forward to all of the new opportunities for our girls to grow and be of service to our community in 2018.

January 2018: At this month’s club meeting, the girls discussed upcoming projects that we want to sponsor and/or support. It’s exciting to anticipate what new experiences will come our way.

February 2018: The Bacchanal – Valentine Grand Opening -BBQ and Silent Auction Fundraiser and Party on February 10th. The AgoL donated a basket for the Silent Auction, helped promote the event on our FB page, held our monthly meeting at the BBQ to encourage attendance, and provided DM services during the party.  All proceeds were donated to the Bacchanal for ongoing repairs and maintenance of this new community facility. The AgoL were proud to support this project and we thank everyone that came out to participate. We were also represented in Las Vegas by one of our pledges at Sin in the City conference.

March 2018: SPLF – Southplains Leatherfest in Dallas on the 8th-11th, celebrating their 20th year! This year several of the AgoL girls were in attendance and involved. Our very own Fearless Leader, slave Elizabeth was asked to return to co-emcee the Saturday night Leather contest, and she did a wonderful job, we’re so proud of her!  Also, one of our pledges donated the funds for the AgoL to become a Levi Sponsor for the event.  We were quite impressed with her generosity and grateful that our club could support this event in this fashion. We also had an SPLF virgin get initiated, as well as doing some work in the vendor area as well for the event. There were many special moments shared throughout the weekend that will have a long lasting effect on our girls and their Leather journeys.  We thank the Producers, Staff, Contestants, and Volunteers for their great example of commitment and dedication to our community.

April 2018: Leather Pride in Texas 2018 – The AgoL was asked to the staff the event Information Booth during all the Saturday activities.  The girls were proud to be of service and hope everyone enjoyed all the delicious cupcakes we had for sale and all the fun and laughs with our members and supporters.  We congratulate the Producers and each of the Clubs involved in making this second year event a success.

May 2018: Ist Annual Iron Pup Contest at The Iron Bear, May 6th, Austin, TX- The AgoL was very proud to support this first year contest highlighting the pup/kitty culture here in Austin.  We donated a puptastic basket full of great pup gear for their Silent Auction, donated toward the production of run pins, and showed up at the event to support all of the contestants.  We congratulate all those involved in producing, MCing, judging, and competing.  It was a wonderful event all around and the AgoL was happy to be a small part of it. Congratulations to the winner, Pup Scooter. Ahroo! Fetish Flea Market on Saturday the 26th- The AgoL invested in a booth spot and brought out clothes, jewelry, boots, buttons, corsets, Ren costumes, bookmarks, stickers, and stuffies to sell.  The day was a record heat day, but the girls hung out under our shade tent and actually enjoyed meeting and chatting with our customers.  Thank you to all the girls that worked so hard, our special sponsor that donated most of our sale items, and to everyone that donated to the AgoL.  We certainly appreciated the opportunity to increase our club funds, which will further support our community efforts this upcoming year.

June 2018: Beyond Vanilla -Dallas, TX – The AgoL represented by donating volunteer hours throughout the event and our Fearless Leader slave elizabeth and Mst. Todd were asked to serve as Presenters this year.  The AgoL is grateful to the Producers, staff, volunteers, and attendees for a most memorable experience! We also just found out that we were nominated for Pantheon of Leather Small Club of the Year 2018!!! We are so thankful, excited and simply over the moon to have simply been nominated.

July 2018: During our monthly meeting & social at BT2 we were able celebrate the crosssing over of bunny nichol. We are so proud of her work and dedication to our community and we are so excited to see what lies ahead. We are proud to call her our sister.

August 2018: From the first weekend of the month to the last we were busy and happy! August 2-6th W.I.L.L. ( Women’s International Leather Legacy) – Dallas, TX as well as the final Weekend Reunion – Piscataway, NJ – The ladies of AgoL represented by volunteering time to individuals including contestants. So much was learned, great experiences gained, and an amazing time had by all. Thank you to everyone involved in creating such amazing spaces and memories. August 11-12th The ladies held a fundraiser by being bartenders during the Austin Court Cornation. We ended the month by accepting the Pantheon of Leather Small Club of the Year 2018 award! Our fearless leader Elizabeth , accompanied by her girl kris, made us all proud accepting the award on behalf of the group. “We are humbled and honored to have won this distinguished award as recognition for our years of service to our community.” They then hosted an amazing social and attended ILS/b ICBB Conference and Contest – Dallas, TX. Meanwhile on the east coast at MsC – Falls Church, VA bunny nichol made sure to sprinkle AgoL love throughout the conference right through the Labor Day weekend.

September 2018: We had an opportunity to come back together and discuss all the events we all attended as well as our future plans for events and fundraisers at our Coffee & Social. In attendance were Elizabeth, kris, spicy, joy, bunny nichol, Two guests and our amazing Men of AgoL!

November 2018: The first weekend of November we had the honor of hosting the amazing Women of Drummer for a weekend gathering. November 2nd was a meet & great at The Iron Bear during the Mr. Austin Gears contest. So many women of Leather came out to support independently and from groups like AgoL and Bound by Desire. Then the next day we all came together at club Rain on 4th to have an inspiring and enlightening round table discussion. That night an all women play party for the records went down! The best of women energy, play and shenanigans. To wrap the weekend up on Sunday we had to come together and break bread. A Sunday brunch was highly appropriate with yummy food, great conversations and a raffle. The Women of Drummer awarded two awesome ladies with complete packages to the 2019 Women of Drummer event! Thank you to all who came out and participated. We are all so proud to be apart of the Womeof Drummer movement.

December 2018: Ohhhh this has been an epic year and we ended it with an event of course! 2018 Balliday Brunch!! Filled with great people, awesome conversations, cut throat card games lol and an amazing array of ball themed snacks! Our gracious hosts Master Todd, Elizabeth and Kris provided an warm cheerful and loving atmosphere as well as some amazing taste testing! We had our usual white elephant gift exchange and we managed to also help support a local toy drive.

2018 has been great to the ladies of AgoL and we are looking forward to serving our community and each other in the new year!! Happy Holidays!


February 2017: Puppy Love event, sponsored by Austin Puppy Culture, held on February 10th at The Iron Bear. This event was held as a Leather Social and Fundraiser, benefiting the Austin LGBTQ Community Center. The AgoL were asked to help out so we gladly stepped in to run a couple of shifts at the event coat check, as well as donating a basket with puppy and miscellaneous items for the raffle. The girls also helped with selling chocolate boxes and puppy treats, which the AgoL donated a portion to back to the Pups. We thank the Pups for including the AgoL and, as always, we were proud to participate in supporting our community.

April 2017: The AgoL showed up to support The United Court of Austin’s summer fundraisers; hot dogs and hamburgers at Bout Time II and Chocolates for Charity at The Iron Bear. They will be holding these fundraisers all summer long, so feel free to stop by on Saturdays at either location to support!

May 2017: Woman’s Spring Summit – guest presenter Allena Gabosch from Seattle, WA.  The Agol, with co-sponsor SAADE, flew our guest speaker in to present here in Austin at both the SAADE monthly meeting on Friday night and the AgoL summit all day Saturday.  The AgoL summit was a success, with breakfast tacos during the morning class, a delicious chili cook-off for lunch, a second afternoon class, a clothes swap with extras donated to Top Drawer – supporting Project Transitions, new clothing and toy sales from The Bastille and LuLaRoe, a catered BBQ dinner, and a play party to conclude the event.  We thank our presenter, our vendors, our attendees, and the AgoL for all the work and support displayed for our community. Stay tuned for the next AgoL Woman’s Summit, we hope you can make plans to attend.

June 2017: Photo Shoot by Hromovy Drakzena Sir at TCP, The Flag Project -Express Yourself -some of our AgoL members participated as models for this project. The backdrop was the American flag and models were encouraged to portray, represent, or say how they, as Leatherwomen, feel in America.  It was a powerful experience and the project will include other photo shoot locations in the near future. The AgoL wholeheartedly supports the photographer and looks forward to seeing the project piece once He completes it!

June 2017: The United Court of Austin – Fundraiser at BT2 -some members of the AgoL came out to support the Court as they worked hard serving hamburgers and hot dogs for donations.  The Court was welcoming and fun to hang out with and the AgoL was happy to be there.

July 2017: AgoL Community Garage Sale Fundraiser – the girls, along with the community, donated personal items and braved the Texas summer heat to sponsor our first garage sale.  We had great customer turn out as well as some volunteer support making sales throughout the day. We also grilled hamburgers and hot dogs to sell to customers, which also fed us for dinner as we wrapped up the day.  It was a lot of hard work, but the girls enjoyed spending time together in an effort to earn club funds for the remainder of the year.  All left over items were taken and donated to Top Drawer – a thrift store supporting Project Transitions.  The AgoL thanks everyone that supported us to make this event our most successful fundraiser thus far.

August 2017: WILL Conference, Dallas, TX – The AgoL donated items for the WILL Silent Auction, which supports the titleholder’s travel fund. This is the third year that we’ve donated to this conference in support of WILL’s goals to capture the history of Leatherwomen.  We had two members and one pledge in attendance and we each enjoyed wonderful and powerful connections and experiences.  Our AgoL members also participated in volunteer positions throughout the weekend and also modeled for photos for The Flag Project – Express Yourself by Hromovy Drakzena Sir.  The entire weekend was a positive experience for the AgoL and we thank the producers for including us wherever we could be of assistance.

August 2017: United Court of Austin 2017 Coronation Event, Austin, TX – the AgoL was proud to be asked to support the Coronation event this year.  Our girls stepped up and assisted with set-up, entertainment, and bar tending throughout the weekend.  We thank the court for including the AgoL, the girls had a fantastic time supporting this super fun event!

August 2017: Hurricane Harvey Online Fundraiser to assist the Houston girls of Leather.  The AgoL reached out to the HgoL to check on the welfare of their club members and their community.  The AgoL posted an online request for donations to help any Leather folk in their community affected by the hurricane.  All monies raised were transferred to the HgoL for them to distribute as needed. We thank the generosity of our community for stepping up to help when truly needed.

September 2017: Austin Pride Parade and Festival – due to hurricane Harvey, Austin has chosen to delay and reschedule the parade until later this month and the festival until October. Due to these date changes, the AgoL may not be able to march together as a club this year. We do however encourage any of the girls that are available to participate, as we have generously been invited to march with Austin Gear and/or The Iron Bear. The AgoL wishes all of Austin a very Happy Pride!

September 2017: This month the AgoL is proud to announce that one of our newest members has completed her final 6 months and has earned her full club Back Patch.  We have grown to love and respect our new sister and honor her Leather journey with us thus far. We are proud to present her with her back patch this month and look forward to see her flying our club colors very soon.  We also discussed and assigned new Leadership positions within the club in order to utilize the strengths of each of the girls to best support the future goals of the club. We are proud of the growth from both our members and pledges and thank you for all you do within our community.

November 2017: Mr. Austin Gear Contest at The Iron Bear, Austin, TX – the AgoL was happy to be asked to support this event once again.  The girls enjoyed watching the contest as our very own club leader served as one of the contest judges.  After the contest the girls worked a shift at the coat-check area while everyone enjoyed socializing at the event.  The AgoL had a wonderful time at this event and congratulate the new 2018 Mr. Austin Gear.

December 2017: AgoL Holiday Brunch – The girls once again invited all of our family, friends, and supporters to come spend the afternoon to celebrate the holidays together. We held a fun white elephant gift exchange, an ugly sweater contest, and had a delicious Mimosa and Bloody Mary bar to enjoy. Thanks to all for your company, the delicious food, and your support of the AgoL and all we accomplished this year for our community.  We also thank everyone for your toy donations that the AgoL will drop off to benefit the Project Transitions children.

In addition, we also celebrated by presenting our latest member with their full club Back Patch.  We are very proud of our new sister and we know she is a priceless addition to the AgoL and to our Leather community.  It was a wonderful way to close out the 2017 year and we look forward to accomplishing many more things together in the new year to come.


February 2016: Alamo City Leather and Fetish Weekend, Feb 5-7.  The girls were asked to participate at this event and we were happy to do so.  We set-up, provided, and (wo)manned a food table during the Friday night bar social, which was a total a hit. We also want to thank Austin GEARS for donating money toward the cost of food for this event. We received a lot of support and appreciation for our efforts and we in turn, thank the event Producers for including us.

March 2016:  The girls welcomed and supported Austin GEARS fundraising at the Iron Bear during Leather and Latex night.  We loved having them at our awesome home bar and their jello shots were a hit!  The girls also sold Bear snacks during this event, which were thoroughly enjoyed and quickly gobbled all up!

April 2016: Leather Pride in Texas, April 1-3.  The AgoL was one of the Founding Clubs supporting this event that was revived after a 10 year lull.  It was wonderful to be a part of this event, which focused on showcasing the wide range of Leather clubs in our local area.  The AgoL sponsored two Cigar Socials, one at the Friday night bar Social and the second one on Saturday evening at the event space patio.  We received a lot of participation, support, and love for the girls, and we thank the Producers for allowing the AgoL to be of service.

April 2016: Fundraising at The Iron Bear, April 9th.  The girls worked hard during Leather and Latex night to sell tickets for the Paintball Bear-Hunt fundraiser and also sold Bear snacks to support our fundraising goals.  Many thanks to our members and pledges for all of their energy and great attitude!

April 2016: AgoL Paintball Bear-Hunt Fundraiser, April 1oth.  The girls sponsored our very first club fundraiser this year and it was a hit!  We also chose to share our earnings with The Austin PrEP Access Project because we believe in the importance of spreading awareness about this vital medication.  After two paintball rounds, we then enjoyed a great lunch together, while selling hamburgers and sausage wraps to the other groups that were there. Thanks to everyone that manned the cooking on the grill, y’all had mad skills! The girls look forward to bringing more events to the community during this upcoming year, so we thank you all for your participation and support.

May 2016: Mr. Austin Gears 2016 Competition at the Badlands Bar, Austin, Tx.  The AgoL was asked to help by taking a shift running the Coat Check area during the event and the girls gladly stepped up to do so.  We also donated two separate baskets, one including several puppy items and homemade macaroon cookies, the second including a Mojito cocktail kit and homemade cookies.  The baskets were raffled off during the event and proceeds were donated by the Austin Gears to Austin Aids Services.  It was a wonderful night and the girls are grateful to have been included.

May 2016: Dine Out for Life, Austin, TX. This event was a city-wide event encouraging the LGBTQ community and their allies to go out to dinner on the 17th at participating restaurants who in turn agreed to donate 5-15% of all meal purchases to benefit Austin Aids Services. Several of the AgoL girls worked to spread the word via social media to encourage our local groups, families, and friends to participate, as  well as showing up to represent during the day of the event. Those unable to attend by participating were encouraged to make monetary donations directly through the Dine Out for Life website. The AgoL was proud to participate in this worthy cause.

June 2016: Embracing Leather Diversity- Panel Discussion, held at Badlands Bar in Austin, TX.  This event was co-sponsored by AgoL and Austin Gears.  A panel answered questions, posed and delivered by the mediator Todd Lawrence, regarding diversity issues and concerns that exist within our Leather communities, nationwide.  The panel members themselves represented gender, cultural, and racial diversity within our existing communities, sharing their personal experiences and viewpoints on how we can better respect each other’s needs to be seen, heard, respected, and accepted.  The sponsoring clubs also donated raffle baskets, with ticket sales and donations supporting the travel costs for the Panelists.  This event supported the start of conversations designed to acknowledge this difficult topic of diversity that affects us all.  We thank each and every person that attended in support of this type of authentic discussion and the AgoL is proud to have been involved.

June 2016: Pulse Orlando Shooting Vigils. Our hearts and spirits ached and mourned this tragedy affecting all of our LGBTQ communities.  The AgoL attended several vigils in support of honoring and comforting each other as we processed the impact of this violent event.  May we continue to find value in the love and support we can all share together each and every day.

July 2016: AgoL  Quarterly Woman’s Summit #1, Saturday July 9th.  The AgoL initiated a new event that we hope to sponsor every three to four months moving forward.  The goal is to create female Leather space for all women across the spectrum to gather, socialize, and “be” together.  We sponsored 2 class sessions with a lunch break, a free clothes exchange with a bra fitter available, a spectacular dinner and then a PP to finish the night.  We sincerely thank Master Liza and her slave Jody for being our Presenters and for sharing of themselves with all of us, as well as all our attendees for making the event a success.  We also thank Sharon – owner of Badlands for the use of the venue space and for providing our attendees lunch options, Warren LaFrance and Todd Lawrence for the chef quality food and service during dinner, and Sonya LaFrance for her tireless service and hospitality. We also managed to raise travel fund donations for our presenters and all clothes not claimed were donated to Top Drawer.  We all had a great time and we look forward to our next one, so stay tuned.

August 2016: Austin Pride Parade, held on the 27th, downtown Austin.  The AgoL received several generous offers from The Iron Bear, Austin Puppy Culture, and the Austin Gears to join them during the march downtown.  The AgoL accepted and represented during the parade and enjoyed hanging out with all our community to celebrate our diversity and our right to love whom we love and express it how we wish.  The AgoL wishes all of Austin a HAPPY PRIDE!

September 2016: SAADE Day at the Place at TCP.  One of our new pledges will be representing the AgoL at this event.  She will be a general go-to-girl to help with ticket sales, registration, and kitchen support.  We are proud of all our pledges stepping up and representing us at local kink events.

October 2016: This month several of the AgoL membership assisted other group events scheduled within the community. We are not always asked to assist as a club, but many of us do so as members of other groups. We also set aside time and effort to support and assist one of our own while she underwent extensive surgery and recovery.  It is always important to our sisterhood to be there for each other first and foremost.  We are grateful that all went well and our sister has fully recovered.  We also wish everyone a very fun, spooky, and sexy Halloween!

November 2016: International Drag Festival 2016, held on Saturday the at About Time II bar. The girls helped serve drinks at the bar, supported the Pups with the fundraiser being held during the event, as well as donated a basket for the raffle. Thanks to the girls that worked this event and to the event Hosts for including the AgoL in supporting their Drag Festival.

December 2016: AgoL Holiday Brunch, Sunday the 11th.  The girls invited all their family, friends, and supporters to come spend the afternoon to celebrate the holidays together. We held a fun white elephant gift exchange, an ugly sweater contest, and a Mimosa and Bloody Mary bar. Thanks to all for their delicious potluck dishes, your company, and your support of the AgoL and all we accomplished this year for our community. We also took the opportunity to present one of our 2016 pledges with her well-deserved membership patch.  We welcome her to the sisterhood with open arms.  Also, we give special thanks to our Hosts for opening your beautiful home to us for this event. Happy Holiday wishes to all from the AgoL!


February 2015:  Alamo City Leather & Fetish Weekend Feb. 13-15.  The AgoL girls attended the event to socialize together and support our Leather community. One of our girls served as the demo bottom for a Mummification demo given by her Mistress, Master Lily Ma’am, whom is an AgoL Associate Member. We held our monthly meeting in our suite and presented two of our girls with leather vests, honoring their work within our club and the Leather community.  After the Mr. Alamo City Leather Contest, the girls opened their room as a Hospitality suite, inviting anyone to drop by and enjoy drink service and snacks, promoting a wonderful opportunity to all socialize together.  It was a fabulous night (’til the wee morning hours) for all!

March 16th and 17th 2015: Raven Kaldera and His boy, Joshua Tenpenny, the 2014 titleholders of Northeast Master and slave, present two classes –  ‘A Narrow Thorny Road: Master/slave Relationships as a Spiritual Path’ and ‘The Ordeal Path: BDSM Spirituality’, to be held at The What Knot.  AgoL girls were proud to assist with housing the presenters, assisting with selling of tickets at the door and selling of books at the presenter’s table.  This was a wonderful event to be a part of.

March 27th, 2015: The AgoL hosted our first Coffee Social on the last Friday night of the month.  The intent of this social is to provide an opportunity for everyone to feel welcome to stop by, hang out with us, and get to know each other better. This is open to anyone GLBTQ, Leather, Kink, or just curious. Partners, family, friends, Associate Members, supporters, and new folks are all invited to join us.  This social will now be a monthly event.

April 17th and 18th 2015: Mr. Leather Bear Austin 2015 contest.  The AgoL were invited to participate and support the event held at The Iron Bear, the AgoL’s home bar.  AgoL donated a Tool Belt of pervertables for the  Silent Auction, provided bootblack service, and sold cupcakes, gummy bear pouches, and Bear chow to keep everyone fed and happy.  Congrats to Pup Mufasa for winning the contest and many thanks from the AgoL, the event was a blast!

April 18th 2015: Leather Heat National goL Gathering, Van Nuys, CA.  AgoL sponsored one of their girls attending the Leather Heat Conference to represent our Club at the National goL Meet and Greet and Round-table meeting.  Several groups and clubs from across the nation met to discuss their successes and challenges toward meeting their individual goals, while supporting a space of belonging for girls within the Leather culture.  AgoL was also included and represented in the group picture taken commemorating this first gathering of goLs.

May 2015: Kinko de Mayo event at The What Knot.  Several of the girls filled volunteer slots throughout the day, setting up, taking tickets for the different classes, donating food items for the party, and helping with kitchen/drink duty during the party.  We were happy to be included in this event and we thank The What Knot for hosting it and for sponsoring Boss Bondage as the presenter,  his classes were very well attended and thoroughly enjoyed.

June 2015: Fundraiser for AIDS Austin, sponsored by The Iron Bear.  At June’s Leather and Latex Night the Iron Bear held a fundraiser to benefit AIDS Austin.  The girls rallied and donated various baked goods to sell during the event.  Many thanks to the girls for their hard work, baking and working the crowd for sales.  The girls managed to raise $150 and donated the funds raised to the AIDS Austin representative in attendance.

July 2015: WILL (Women in Leather Legacy) Conference – Dallas, TX.  Our Club Leader – slave elizabeth attended the conference and also facilitated in sponsoring a second club member to attend as well.  The event provided many opportunities to connect with Leatherwomen from all walks of life and to learn about their history within Leather.  Many thanks to the producers, presenters, and volunteers for including and welcoming the AgoL.

August 2015: SAADE Day at the Place featuring Hardy Haberman, Austin, TX.  AgoL member and Leadership worked the front desk selling event tickets and processing waivers throughout the afternoon.  AgoL was honored to be a part of supporting this event and presenter in our local community.

August 2015: Austin Pride Parade.  The AgoL was unable to march during the parade, but the $150 Club funds used to purchase our spot, were instead donated directly to PRIDE on behalf of AgoL.  We wish everyone a very Proud Pride!

September 2015: The girls focused on each other this month, as several were dealing with health issues, recovering from surgeries, and moving into new homes.  The girls have worked hard within the community this year, but supporting our sisterhood through life issues is also a priority to each of us.

October 2015: Beyond Vanilla XXV, Dallas, TX.   One of our AgoL girls was a first-time presenter this year.  We are so proud of her growth and for her new efforts in education by co-developing two new presentations with her Mistress to share with the community.  Both classes were well received and well attended.

November 2015:  Mr. Austin Leather Contest 2016, Austin, TX.  This great event was held at the Badlands Austin bar and supported by The Austin GEARS.  Some of our AgoL girls came out to represent, support our local Leather community, and offer our help if requested.  It was an eventful night and we offer congratulations to the new Mr. Austin Leather 2016 contest winner.

November 2015: Silent Auction Fundraiser for Project Transitions held at The Iron Bear and sponsored by The Weird City Sisters.  The AgoL girls were asked to provide support to the Sisters with set-up, sales, security, and tear down for the event and we happily showed up to do so.  The entire night was a huge success with a lot of community support and participation.  The girls were proud to have participated and we congratulate the Weird City Sisters for having earned $2,048 for donation to Project Transitions.  Thanks to all whom came out to support this cause.

December 2015:  AgoL Annual Holiday Brunch and Toy drive for Project Transitions.  The girls hosted a holiday brunch and invited the community to attend with a toy donation. We had a wonderful turn-out and enjoyed the event tremendously, especially the hilarious rounds of our White Elephant gift exchange. Our sincere thanks to everyone that came out, as the hospitality, food, drinks, gifts, and energy were all an amazing, fun, and joyous wrap-up to a very busy year for AgoL. Project Transitions was also most thankful for the abundant toy donation that you were all instrumental in providing. At the close of this year, we thank our community for your support of AgoL as we continue to grow on our “feminine” Leather paths.


January 2014: GWNN and ALC ‘Day at the SRL’ event: kitchen and drink service

February 2014: The 26th National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change, at the Hilton of the Americas–Houston, January 29–February 2, 2014.    AgoL Leader slave elizabeth and Master Todd stood on stage in support of Pat Bailey being awarded the Leather Leadership Award.

February 2014: Dom’s Den Bohica III Event: event logistics, kitchen service, all around assistance as needed, beaming thank you letters received for the work the girls did!

April 2014: Through Her Lens history presentation by Hromovy held at The Iron Bear open to the community: event organization, publicity, set-up, all funds raised donated to presenter.

April 2014: Fundraiser ‘The Living Tree Tee”: publicity of online fundraiser for Hromovy on our Fet group, pledges/members/Associate Members participated by purchasing tees in show of support.

April 2014: The Iron Bear’s Leather and Latex night.  In support of Leather, the Iron Bear has begun to hold a monthly event night for Leather and Latex folks.  Several of the girls attended and two of our Bootblacks provided services throughout the evening. All tips were donated to the Club as fundraising.

May 2014: Kinko de Mayo event at The What Knot, kitchen duty, 3 club pledges

June 2014: Toga Play Party event at Touch of Leather, kitchen/food duty

June 2014: The Element sponsored P.J. Party at The What Knot, set-up and kitchen/food duty

July 2014: GWNN Bash Event.  The girls represented our club by hanging our flag during the Parade of Colors, we provided a seamstress offering to sew patches onto vests, a bootblack providing leather care service, food/kitchen shifts for the entirety of the PP, and a donation of 12 dozen homemade cookies.

September 2014: Austin Pride Parade.  The girls donated our spot in the parade to GSA to ensure that they had a fabulous experience participating in Pride.  The girls had invitations to march with The Iron Bear and with The Weird City Sisters.  Those girls that were available did so and our AgoL banner was displayed throughout the event.

October 2014: Sponsored a Cigar Service 101 class, presented by Mr. Jeep, at The Iron Bear Bar, open to attendance by the community.  Class covered basic cigar purchasing, storage and travel, cigar types – size/flavors, presentation, cutting and punching tools and styles with hands-on practice, differences in smoke and draw per cutting style, toasting and lighting, lighter preferences, ashtray preferences, and paraphernalia.

October 2014:  2 Pledges attended the Austin GEARS Bootblack 101 Class in order to improve their skill-sets with the intent to provide boot blacking services on behalf of AgoL at future events.  Way to show initiative and dedication, girls!

November 2014: The Mr. Austin Leather event  at The Chain Drive, sponsored by the GEARS Club.  The girls donated a ‘puppy’ item basket for the silent auction, worked the clothes check station for two shifts, and served as Judges Table runner and server during the event.  We were grateful to be invited to participate in facilitating the wonderful work the GEARS club did sponsoring such a successful event.

November 2014: SAADE Day at the Place event, member provided service as needed and instructed, to facilitate the event running smoothly.

December 2014: The What-Knot Boss Bondage class and PP, member provided set-up and tear down support for both events, and support with service during both events as needed by the presenter and the participants.

December 2014: The What-Knot, 2 days of rope classes featuring Seattle Samahdi, member provided set-up and tear down support for both events, and support with service during both events as needed by the presenter and the participants.


January 2013:  Our very own fearless Leader, slave elizabeth, and her owner, Master Todd, won the honor of serving as 2013 Southwest Master and slave at Southwest Leather Conference in Phoenix, AZ!!!

January 2013:  GWNN Carnival themed party at the SRL: Ticket Sales, event logistics, drink service

January 2013:  The Iron Bear announced as our Club Home Bar – meetings, socials and presentations to be held there in the future. Huge thank you to The Iron Bear’s support of the girls!

February 2013:  CTsM Dom/sub Mixer at private residence: Ticket Sales and kitchen service

February 2013:  ToL Fire Exploratorium: Presentation demo bottom, kitchen service, event clean-up

February 2013: Dom’s Den Bohica II event and party: event logistics, presenter assistance, kitchen and drink service

March 2013:  SAADE Duct Tape party at TCP: DM shifts

March 2013:  The Whatnot – Presentation by Dr. Clockwork: kitchen service

March 2013:  Cosponsored SPLF meet/greet with DgoL: hospitality suite upkeep, split cost of food and drinks with DgoL.

June 2013:  AgoL Social with the GEAR Club at Chain drive: socialize and participate

June 2013:  Dom’s Den Cigar Social: drink and cigar service as needed

June 2013:  AgoL pledge surgery: assistance as needed for recovery

July 2013: GWNN Parade of Club Colors: AgoL banner hung and represented

July 2013:  GWNN Bash Play party: Curbside off-loading and kitchen service

August 2013: WILI Fest: club sponsored Registration for a pledge to attend,  two club Members voted onto the WILI board

September 2013: Leather History Presentation by Vince and Caro: AgoL sponsored event open to the entire community held at The Iron Bear: event publicity, ticket sales, set-up, tear-down, presenter host.

September 2013: Vince and Caro AgoL Brunch held at restaurant: opportunity to mingle and speak with the presenters one on one, also open to the community

October 2013: Voyagers Group party: kitchen service

October 2013: Fundraiser for Hromovy’s Leather Archives Art Installation – hosted at TCP by Shadowhouse: presenter hosting, event space rental, set-up and tear-down by AgoL Members and Associate Members, models for photography project, all funds raised donated to presenter.

October 2013: SAADE Halloween Party: Pre-event decoration, kitchen service, clean-up service


September 2012: Raven Kaldera Presentation at TCP: Pre-event set-up and ticket sales

October 2012:  Bootblack Blast visit and presentation: Event publicity, set-up, clean-up service

October 2012:  Benny for Kenny Fundraiser Event at TCP: Parking, event set-up, ticket sales, Fundraising Basket Donation (items donated by Associate Members), monetary donations through website, and kitchen service

November 2012:  AgoL Holiday Brunch at private residence: Food Donations, set-up, service, and clean up.


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