Austin Girls of Leather (AgoL) Bylaws

Club Description:

Who we are –

We are a Club of self-identified Leathergirls.  Membership is not limited by race, creed, orientation or gender; however, an identification of Leathergirl is essential.  A girl-heart is an individual self-identity. Austin girls of Leather is a unique and powerful group of individuals – our solidarity and commonality is found in our understanding that the definition of Leathergirl involves who you are and not just how you play.

What we do –

AgoL holds monthly member meetings, hosts a monthly Coffee Munch, a monthly Bar Social and annual events. All communicated  via social media, newspaper ads and discussion boards.  We participate in outreach and service at Leather events within and beyond the Austin, Texas area.

Our Mission –

To provide camaraderie in a safe space to any individual who identifies as a Leathergirl.

To promote acceptance and understanding of feminine energy within Leather.

To provide community service within and beyond the Austin, Texas area.

Club Colors:

Colors –

The official AgoL colors are: black, white, red, and pink.

Club Back Patch: Austin Bat Bridge, design and production by Charlie Durbin of Durbin Industrial. (The bats glow in the dark!)

Austin girls of Leather Flag –

We will use a modified version of the SFgoL flag to be provided for our nonprofit use by Leland Carina with permission of Sheryl D.

Ownership of Leather girl flag –

Sheryl D is the owner and designer of the Leather girl flag.  She has given us permission to utilize it. AgoL owns the rights to the AgoL logo and supporter logo.  Design credit, when requested, is to be given to Leland Carina.

Club Structure:

Non-Discrimination –

AgoL does not discriminate on the basis of gender, gender expression, sex, national origin, disability, race, or religion.

Membership Age –

No member shall be under the age of twenty-one (21) years.

Responsibilities of All Members –

Display and respect club colors.

Embody the spirit of the club at community events.

Participate in club meetings, service opportunities, and activities.

Recruit members.

Club Membership Policies:

Pledge –

In order to become a pledge one must state in person to two club officers “I want to pledge.” 

A Pledge in good standing must fulfill the following responsibilities:

– Pay pledge fee of $15.00 within 30 days of pledging.

– Attend six (6) socials within 12 months. Maximum of 1 social credit each month.

– Attend fifty percent (50%) of official club events within 12 months.

– Will serve as a volunteer representing AgoL six (6) times within 12 months at pre-approved events.

– Each pledge complete one Leader assigned project.

Full Member –

Full members in good standing must fulfill the following responsibilities:

– Pay annual dues of $30.00 upon attaining Full Membership status.

– Thereafter, annual dues will be due each January.

– Attend six (6) member meetings per year.

– Attend fifty percent (50%) of official club events and socials per year.

– Will serve as a volunteer representing AgoL a minimum of two (2) times per year at pre-approved non-AgoL events.

– Attendance policy exceptions can be made to accommodate extenuating circumstances.

– Failure to fulfill these responsibilities will result in suspension of membership. Request to be reinstated may be made to leadership within 12 months. Once request for reinstatement has been made then all responsibilities must be fulfilled in order to be reinstated. After 12 months of suspension membership is terminated. 

Full Members enjoy the following rights –

Attend club member meetings.

May hold officer roles.

Any full member in good standing may propose an amendment to the bylaws.

Sponsorship –

Any entity who provides fiscal support of $100.00 or more shall be recognized on our website and/or social media. 

Associate Member –

An associate member is club supporter. They are authorized to display an associate member patch should they choose to.

Honorary Member –

Honorary member is a title reserved for any non-member who goes above and beyond all expectations in support of the club.  This title may be bestowed at the discretion of the membership. Honorary members shall be recognized on the club website.

Termination of Membership –

The club reserves the right to refuse, revoke or suspend membership for any cause with the unanimous agreement of all current officers. Terminated members shall return their club colors within 30 days.

Club Patches:

Member Patch –

When full membership requirements have been met, the member will have earned their member patch.  Individuals are responsible for the cost of their patches.

Back Patch –

When full membership requirements have been met and maintained for 6 (six) months the member will have earned their back patch.  Individuals are responsible for the cost of their patches. 

Club Leadership:

Leader –

The Leader shall be the current owner of the Club.  The Leader shall appoint members to officer roles. The Leader shall supervise all club officer activities.

Sergeant at Arms –

The Sergeant at Arms will serve as the club enforcer of behavior protocols.  Any issues, internal or external to the club, involving any pledge members, full members, or associate members regarding a breach of club protocol, will be addressed to and by the Sergeant at Arms. In the event that the Leader is unable or unwilling to perform club duties, the Sergeant at Arms shall serve as Interim Leader.

Chaplain –

The role of our Chaplain is to provide support and guidance to any member that needs to discuss a private situation, challenge, or need that the club may assist in.  Full confidentiality will be maintained in this role in order to provide the membership a safe space to confide any questions or issues, whether personal or club related.

Secretary –

The Secretary will take notes at all meetings.  The Secretary will also maintain records of all pledge and member participation in service opportunities and attendance of club meetings to determine and confirm membership and back-patch eligibility.

Treasurer –

The Treasurer will be responsible for keeping track of the club’s funds, creating and maintaining the club budget, collecting and tracking dues, and the management of all memberships.  The treasurer will create and maintain a fully transparent financial ledger detailing all financial activity, available for review by members only.

Webmaster –

The Webmaster will be responsible for the upkeep of information and posted content on the club website (

Public Relations –

The public relations officer will find new opportunities to establish a solid social presence for the club.  This position will include creating and posting events on social media, newspapers, and online groups. The intent is to broaden our reach within the kink, Leather, and LGBTQ communities so they are aware of our presence and our events, as well as creating interest in club membership.


Leader may be removed by unanimous agreement of the Membership.

Leader Vacancy

Should the Leader of the club become unable or unwilling to serve, the Leader position shall be appointed by unanimous choice of the current officers.


All volunteering as a representative of AgoL requirements:

– Pre-approved by Leadership

– No profit gained by Pledge or Member for the volunteering act. (Ex: discounts or free admission into events)

– Must only be representing AgoL at that event. If you are required to volunteer/ coordinate for another group or club that cannot also count as AgoL volunteering.