December 2014 Meeting Summary

AgoL was proud to have Charlie Durban come to our prepared off-site location to present a Leather working class for our girls this month.

Charlie gave us a bit of his own personal history in becoming a Leatherworker, which began with making horse saddles.  He’s had a love of Leather since and has expanded his work and services to include Leather group’s needs, such as our Club’s back patch.

The girls in attendance were able to do a lot of hands-on work, touching and feeling different types of animal leathers and learning what applications they are best each used for.

Charlie then provided each of the girls a pre-cut strip of Leather that each girl could use to create a personal item with.  He taught each girl how to bevel the sides to round them out and how to smooth each raw edge so they were finished.  He was very supportive of each girl doing their own work with his supervision, so they could each get a feel for it themselves.

He taught us all how to use the tools required for each step, including the leather punch, required to punch out the leather holes in preparation of putting in snaps.  He then demonstrated how to use both a hand-held snap tool, which he recommends for personal use, and a larger industrial one that he normally uses, which has a large lever that applies the pressure to install the snap.

The girls were all-in during the entire presentation, asking questions, learning about each step of the project process, trying out each tool Charlie introduced us to, and ultimately completing a project piece to take home at the end of the day.

It was a wonderful day spent together, in camaraderie.  We laughed, giggled, worked, enjoyed drinks, and were ultimately successful in learning more about working with Leather, which we all love.

Thank you to Charlie for providing the girls such a great, productive day spent together.  We especially loved the ‘skull’ snap covers he allowed us to use from his snap collection, to match our sugar skull colors.  You Sir, outdid yourself with your generosity of spirit, and we loved having you at AgoL!