November Meeting Summary 2014

Our November meeting was held at the Iron Bear Bar on an alternate date from usual.  We covered several items on our agenda:

-Discussed the Mr. Austin Leather event sponsored by the GEARS club.  They submitted a very kind ‘thank you’ email for the help the AgoL girls provided during the event and for the basket we donated.

-Discussed the upcoming Puppy Mosh that GEARS is planning to sponsor in the future.  They kindly extended an invitation for any pups in AgoL to participate, which made several of our pups very happy!

-Discussed our upcoming December meeting.  We chose to hold it at an alternate location because, since it is a Leatherworking workshop, we will need room to spread out and have table top access.  We will confirm that our Presenter is on board with the location change and post that to the online group.

-Discussed upcoming service opportunities at The What Knot.  Please check our online group for the dates and times, and respond to the event contact person to coordinate shifts to be covered.

-Discussed and agreed to hold a holiday brunch for all members and loved ones.  The What Knot graciously offered us to hold the brunch there and will post available dates for us to choose from.  We also agreed to hold a White Elephant gift exchange as part of the brunch.

-T-shirts and monies were collected to have them embroidered with the AgoL logo.  We all agreed to pay for the set-up fee for the member logo first, then when we are ready to do a second I <3 AgoL t-shirt run, we will pay for the set-up fee for that logo at that time.

-We had a brief discussion of the article posted to Leatherati that we had planned to have during the Oct. meeting.  Several different perspectives were discussed about the past, present, and future of Leather.

-Two of our girls that had earned their back patches in June were presented with the new sugar skull design back patch.  Both girls have served as Club Leadership and were very proud to share the moment with their sisters and their significant others.  This was a very special step on their Leather path, and we as a Club are very proud to have them both flag their AgoL colors as a representation of their dedication and service to the Club and their community.

-Official transfer of Treasurer position and monies was completed and position holder was brought into and announced as part of the Club Leadership.