October Meeting Summary 2014

The girls had an exciting meeting this month, filled with growth and celebration.

First of all, two of our pledges completed their requirements and were each presented with their Membership Patch.  We are so very proud of their service and hard work to earn it, and we welcomed them happily into the Club as our sisters.

Secondly, the Leadership structure was also expanded.  Our current Treasurer was asked to step into the Sargent at Arms position to assist in guidance and counsel of the membership, and a current Member was asked to step into the Treasurer position.  Both girls accepted the invitation to serve in their new roles and the news was announced to the Membership present at the meeting.  These two positions will be transferred within the next two weeks and will be official by November 1st.  We thank all of the girls that have stepped into Leadership roles and intend the positions to support individual growth on their paths in Leather.

The girls also discussed the upcoming Service Opportunity that we have scheduled to support the Austin Gears with their ‘Mr. Austin Leather’ event being held at The Chain Drive on November 1st.  Several of the girls brought items for our ‘puppy basket’ that we are donating as a club for their silent auction.  Sincere thanks to our girls for the donated items, they were all wonderful and our basket will be a generous representation from our Club.

We had scheduled to discuss the topic of an article that was recently published as our core meeting subject, but we opted to reschedule it for the following month’s meeting.  Thank you girls for being engaged, involved, and prepared for the discussion.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts at the November meeting.

Our meeting wrapped up promptly so we could all participate in our scheduled AgoL sponsored ‘Cigar Service 101’ class, being held that same evening on the front patio of The Iron Bear Bar.  The class was taught by Mr. and Mrs. Jeep and they did a fantastic job teaching us all the basics of Cigar Service.  The event was open to all in the community and the girls thank all whom came out and attended.

The girls also gave Mr. Jeep a signed Thank You card for all of his support to our Club.  We are so appreciative of his time and his donations toward our success, that we felt we should, at the very least, give him our sincere thanks.



September Meeting Summary 2014

Our Leader Elizabeth proposed that AgoL donate our spot in the Pride Parade as follows, and the girls wholeheartedly agreed to do so:

After long discussions, our club has decided to donate our spot in the Pride parade to my daughters’ Gay Straight Alliance ( GSA ).  My daughters’ GSA group was unable to afford a spot in the parade. The polices of their school prevent them from accepting monetary donations, but did not prevent the spot from being made available to them.  Austin Pride does not normally allow for transferring spots but their President made an exception for these kids. We all want them to have a fabulous Pride experience they will never forget.  Those of us who want to march in Pride will still be doing so as a group! The parade meet up will be at 7pm on Saturday. Our club has been invited by both the Weird City Sisters and The Iron Bear to march with them.  If you are interested in meeting up with us and want the location details let me know. Happy Pride!

We are thankful to the leadership of Austin Pride for making this exception, and AgoL has thus developed a good standing with them for our donation of our spot.  We look forward to participating as a group next year for sure!

The girls also discussed a new idea as a fundraiser and are looking into the availability of materials and creative ways to decorate them.  We’re keeping the specifics in-group so as to surprise our community with them once they are completed.

We remind the girls to participate and support the Iron Bear’s Leather and Latex night each second Saturday of the month and to spread the word!

And for the most exciting news… our AgoL logo and Backpatch design has been completed!  It is an absolutely beautiful logo designed by Elizabeth and Charlie Durban of Durban Industrial.  Those girls that have met the Club membership  requirements may now purchase their colors for their vests!  We are so proud to represent our club with our own colors!