May Meeting Summary 2014

Our May meeting was really great. Small group but full of energy!

We are working on our design for our club back patches. They will be amazing and totally Badass. I have a local person who is kink friendly working on getting us a quote.

I distributed our brand new I <3 AgoL buttons to the present. The buttons will sell for $3 each as a fund-raiser for our Austin Pride Parade participation.

Pride is going to be FANTASTIC this year. We will be able to have one vehicle and walking contingent. The vehicle will be available for those of us who have challenges with walking and standing the length of the parade route. If anyone has a pickup truck they are willing to let us use, get in touch with me. If not, we will go with one of our cars. It will rock either way! Our decorations/theme will be BUBBLES and of course, pink.

We talked about wanting to begin to offer bootblacking and/or leathercare at community events. I tried to arrange to have some experienced bootblacks come and give us a day of education but so far the ones we discussed are not available. Still working on it but it will need to be in a few months. We discussed having a leather care learning day on Sunday June 1, but that will not be happening.

Exciting news at the Iron bear! They are going to begin hosting a Leather Night! It will be on the Second Saturday of each month which handily enough is the same day we have our meetings. The Bears love their little sisters don’t they?

Be sure to plan to come to the next meeting and plan to stay late to enjoy the Leather night!

See you all soon!