Pantheon of Leather Small Club of the Year 2018

On June 22, 2018 we received the exciting news that Austin girls of Leather were nominated for Pantheon of Leather Small Club of the Year 2018. We provided the acceptance and biography for our club to Christopher Edwards. On August 30, 2018 at the Pantheon Awards ceremony in Dallas, TX we won the award. Elizabeth the club leader accepted on behalf of the club with girl kris in attendance. We are humbled and honored to win this distinguished award as recognition for our years of service to our community.

January 2015 Meeting Summary

The day of our January meeting found the Austin area very wet and cold with the possibility for sleet and icy roads.  We touched base with as many of the girls as we could and decided to relocate the meeting to a more central location for those girls that did want to venture out, and for those that didn’t, we opted to hold a second meeting the following Saturday for them.

During the meeting we discussed the upcoming Alamo City Leather & Fetish Weekend.  We have invited all of the Agol girls to attend the event as a way to socialize together while supporting the Leather community.  The club will be obtaining a suite at the hotel on Saturday to provide the girls a place to relax between classes and also for us to hold our monthly meeting.  The girls are also welcome to include their significant others and the suite will be available to all pledges, members, and supporters to spend the night if needed.

In addition, the girls will request an announcement advising that the AgoL suite will be open as a Hospitality suite at the conclusion of the Mr. Alamo City Leather Contest.  The girls will provide an open bar, drink service, and snacks as a way to socialize and interact with whomever wants to come up and visit with us.  We will also set out our fundraising buttons for anyone that wants to buy one as a show of support for the club.

We will continue to button up the final details via email up to the event date, as we will not be meeting again until we are there.


December 2014 Meeting Summary

AgoL was proud to have Charlie Durban come to our prepared off-site location to present a Leather working class for our girls this month.

Charlie gave us a bit of his own personal history in becoming a Leatherworker, which began with making horse saddles.  He’s had a love of Leather since and has expanded his work and services to include Leather group’s needs, such as our Club’s back patch.

The girls in attendance were able to do a lot of hands-on work, touching and feeling different types of animal leathers and learning what applications they are best each used for.

Charlie then provided each of the girls a pre-cut strip of Leather that each girl could use to create a personal item with.  He taught each girl how to bevel the sides to round them out and how to smooth each raw edge so they were finished.  He was very supportive of each girl doing their own work with his supervision, so they could each get a feel for it themselves.

He taught us all how to use the tools required for each step, including the leather punch, required to punch out the leather holes in preparation of putting in snaps.  He then demonstrated how to use both a hand-held snap tool, which he recommends for personal use, and a larger industrial one that he normally uses, which has a large lever that applies the pressure to install the snap.

The girls were all-in during the entire presentation, asking questions, learning about each step of the project process, trying out each tool Charlie introduced us to, and ultimately completing a project piece to take home at the end of the day.

It was a wonderful day spent together, in camaraderie.  We laughed, giggled, worked, enjoyed drinks, and were ultimately successful in learning more about working with Leather, which we all love.

Thank you to Charlie for providing the girls such a great, productive day spent together.  We especially loved the ‘skull’ snap covers he allowed us to use from his snap collection, to match our sugar skull colors.  You Sir, outdid yourself with your generosity of spirit, and we loved having you at AgoL!


November Meeting Summary 2014

Our November meeting was held at the Iron Bear Bar on an alternate date from usual.  We covered several items on our agenda:

-Discussed the Mr. Austin Leather event sponsored by the GEARS club.  They submitted a very kind ‘thank you’ email for the help the AgoL girls provided during the event and for the basket we donated.

-Discussed the upcoming Puppy Mosh that GEARS is planning to sponsor in the future.  They kindly extended an invitation for any pups in AgoL to participate, which made several of our pups very happy!

-Discussed our upcoming December meeting.  We chose to hold it at an alternate location because, since it is a Leatherworking workshop, we will need room to spread out and have table top access.  We will confirm that our Presenter is on board with the location change and post that to the online group.

-Discussed upcoming service opportunities at The What Knot.  Please check our online group for the dates and times, and respond to the event contact person to coordinate shifts to be covered.

-Discussed and agreed to hold a holiday brunch for all members and loved ones.  The What Knot graciously offered us to hold the brunch there and will post available dates for us to choose from.  We also agreed to hold a White Elephant gift exchange as part of the brunch.

-T-shirts and monies were collected to have them embroidered with the AgoL logo.  We all agreed to pay for the set-up fee for the member logo first, then when we are ready to do a second I <3 AgoL t-shirt run, we will pay for the set-up fee for that logo at that time.

-We had a brief discussion of the article posted to Leatherati that we had planned to have during the Oct. meeting.  Several different perspectives were discussed about the past, present, and future of Leather.

-Two of our girls that had earned their back patches in June were presented with the new sugar skull design back patch.  Both girls have served as Club Leadership and were very proud to share the moment with their sisters and their significant others.  This was a very special step on their Leather path, and we as a Club are very proud to have them both flag their AgoL colors as a representation of their dedication and service to the Club and their community.

-Official transfer of Treasurer position and monies was completed and position holder was brought into and announced as part of the Club Leadership.

October Meeting Summary 2014

The girls had an exciting meeting this month, filled with growth and celebration.

First of all, two of our pledges completed their requirements and were each presented with their Membership Patch.  We are so very proud of their service and hard work to earn it, and we welcomed them happily into the Club as our sisters.

Secondly, the Leadership structure was also expanded.  Our current Treasurer was asked to step into the Sargent at Arms position to assist in guidance and counsel of the membership, and a current Member was asked to step into the Treasurer position.  Both girls accepted the invitation to serve in their new roles and the news was announced to the Membership present at the meeting.  These two positions will be transferred within the next two weeks and will be official by November 1st.  We thank all of the girls that have stepped into Leadership roles and intend the positions to support individual growth on their paths in Leather.

The girls also discussed the upcoming Service Opportunity that we have scheduled to support the Austin Gears with their ‘Mr. Austin Leather’ event being held at The Chain Drive on November 1st.  Several of the girls brought items for our ‘puppy basket’ that we are donating as a club for their silent auction.  Sincere thanks to our girls for the donated items, they were all wonderful and our basket will be a generous representation from our Club.

We had scheduled to discuss the topic of an article that was recently published as our core meeting subject, but we opted to reschedule it for the following month’s meeting.  Thank you girls for being engaged, involved, and prepared for the discussion.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts at the November meeting.

Our meeting wrapped up promptly so we could all participate in our scheduled AgoL sponsored ‘Cigar Service 101’ class, being held that same evening on the front patio of The Iron Bear Bar.  The class was taught by Mr. and Mrs. Jeep and they did a fantastic job teaching us all the basics of Cigar Service.  The event was open to all in the community and the girls thank all whom came out and attended.

The girls also gave Mr. Jeep a signed Thank You card for all of his support to our Club.  We are so appreciative of his time and his donations toward our success, that we felt we should, at the very least, give him our sincere thanks.



September Meeting Summary 2014

Our Leader Elizabeth proposed that AgoL donate our spot in the Pride Parade as follows, and the girls wholeheartedly agreed to do so:

After long discussions, our club has decided to donate our spot in the Pride parade to my daughters’ Gay Straight Alliance ( GSA ).  My daughters’ GSA group was unable to afford a spot in the parade. The polices of their school prevent them from accepting monetary donations, but did not prevent the spot from being made available to them.  Austin Pride does not normally allow for transferring spots but their President made an exception for these kids. We all want them to have a fabulous Pride experience they will never forget.  Those of us who want to march in Pride will still be doing so as a group! The parade meet up will be at 7pm on Saturday. Our club has been invited by both the Weird City Sisters and The Iron Bear to march with them.  If you are interested in meeting up with us and want the location details let me know. Happy Pride!

We are thankful to the leadership of Austin Pride for making this exception, and AgoL has thus developed a good standing with them for our donation of our spot.  We look forward to participating as a group next year for sure!

The girls also discussed a new idea as a fundraiser and are looking into the availability of materials and creative ways to decorate them.  We’re keeping the specifics in-group so as to surprise our community with them once they are completed.

We remind the girls to participate and support the Iron Bear’s Leather and Latex night each second Saturday of the month and to spread the word!

And for the most exciting news… our AgoL logo and Backpatch design has been completed!  It is an absolutely beautiful logo designed by Elizabeth and Charlie Durban of Durban Industrial.  Those girls that have met the Club membership  requirements may now purchase their colors for their vests!  We are so proud to represent our club with our own colors!


August Meeting Summary 2014

The girls met at the Iron Bear as usual.  Several of the girls had conflicting issues to attend to, so we had smaller attendance this month.

We discussed a great service opportunity presented to AgoL by the staff of the Dallas Beyond Vanilla event.  They were very impressed by how the AgoL girls ran the food service at the GWNN Bash PP, and asked if we would be interested in running the Presenter’s Lounge at their event.

Because we had low attendance, it was decided that we would post the service opportunity to our yahoo group.  We decided that in order to staff it for the entire event and still allow the girls working it to have some down time, we would need the participation of 5-6 girls minimum.

After giving the girls some time to respond, it was decided that, unfortunately, we would not have enough girls available to attend the event to accept this service opportunity this year.  We advised the Beyond Vanilla staff that perhaps with more notice, we could plan to do so the following year.

Instead, some of the girls that are planning to attend Beyond Vanilla this year will try to volunteer time in the Lounge as they have time.

We are very proud to have been asked, and we thank the girls that have done such great work in the community that it is being noticed and respected.





July Meeting Summary 2014

The girls met on July 12th at our home bar, The Iron Bear.

We had two topics to discuss on the agenda.  The first was our participation at the GWNN Bash event.  We discussed the logistics of participating in the Parade of Clubs, setting up our bootblack and seamstress at the event, and the food/kitchen shifts for the PP.  We also discussed and approved the idea of donating homemade cookies, and at least 5 girls agreed to make 2 dozen cookies each, to take to the PP.

The second discussion point was about Pride.  The girls are still researching costume ideas and it was clarified that no one ‘has’ to dress up. Each girl will decide what they want to wear, as long as it includes their AgoL shirts.  Some girls are choosing to wear masks, some will use face paint, some will wear their leathers and others will wear tutus.  Whatever they feel represents their inner ‘girl’, will represent the club well.  We agreed to begin discussion of a timeline of when and where to meet prior to the parade, at the next month’s meeting.

We also agreed to thank our Associate Member that donated cigars for the girls to raise funds with at the last Iron Bear Bar Leather and Latex night.  The girls agreed to all sign and issue this member a Thank You card for their generous donation and support of the girls.  The Thank You card will be brought to the next meeting for all the girls to sign.

None of the girls turned in any funds from I(Heart)AgoL button sales, so those sales are still pending.  All the girls are working hard to make these button sales as our fundraiser for the year.

Two buttons were gifted to the bar tenders of The Iron Bear to wear during upcoming Leather and Latex nights.  We want to show our support to the bar employees taking such great care of the girls.




June Meeting Summary 2014

AgoL June Meeting: 6/14/14

The girls primarily spent time working on Leather Care and Bootblacking, practicing cleaning and shining boots and vests with the products they had, and offering opportunities for the Bootblacks to practice their skills as well.  Everyone participated in sharing their preferences, techniques, skills, information, and energy.  It was great to experience all the girls interacting, getting to know one another, and bonding, all while teaching one another what they had to share.  Great job girls!

Announcements were made, covering the following topics:

-Pride Parade: we acquired the donation for the use of a pick-up truck in the parade, we will be looking into matching tutus for the girls to wear, reminder that we will not be throwing any items, but will be using bubble guns and kisses during the march.

-New Executive Decision to implement Pledge Projects: some pledge girls were assigned projects to support the club in finding a reliable source to execute/make our back patch, provide support in acquiring jewelry to match the back patch theme, and support in finalizing the back patch artwork.  Another pledge project will be to research t-shirt costs and screen printing options toward finalizing a second run of AgoL t-shirts.  These t-shirts will be for pledges and members to wear to represent the club. We are all very excited about these projects and they will all count as volunteer time completed toward pledge requirements.

-Treasurer Report: Pride parade entrance fee paid in full from current funds, reminder of membership dues pending payment, I<3AgoL Button Fundraiser – buttons were issued to each girl to sell or gift as friendship pins,  and sales will go toward replenishing funds used for Pride. Receipts issued to each girl for any transfer of funds – donations, t-shirt sales, dues paid, etc.  Approval to use funds to acquire glow wristbands for the girls to wear during Pride, fun!

-Volunteer Opportunities: girls shared upcoming events that request volunteer time from the girls.  Volunteer opportunities are to be posted to the FetLife group, indicating our involvement to all of the members, Associate members, and the community.

Last, but not least, our Leader had the pleasure of issuing a Membership patch to our newest Member, whom completed her pledge year.  Congratulations on her hard work representing the club! All of the girls are very proud of you, and the hugs were warm and welcoming.

At the close of the meeting, most of the girls planned to return to The Iron Bear, our home Club Bar, to support their Leather and Latex event that evening.  We love our home Club Bar, and we are committed to supporting them as much as they support us!  Kudos to the bar tender wearing his I<3 AgoL t-shirt all night and taking great care of us! We all had a great time together, during and after the meeting.

May Meeting Summary 2014

Our May meeting was really great. Small group but full of energy!

We are working on our design for our club back patches. They will be amazing and totally Badass. I have a local person who is kink friendly working on getting us a quote.

I distributed our brand new I <3 AgoL buttons to the present. The buttons will sell for $3 each as a fund-raiser for our Austin Pride Parade participation.

Pride is going to be FANTASTIC this year. We will be able to have one vehicle and walking contingent. The vehicle will be available for those of us who have challenges with walking and standing the length of the parade route. If anyone has a pickup truck they are willing to let us use, get in touch with me. If not, we will go with one of our cars. It will rock either way! Our decorations/theme will be BUBBLES and of course, pink.

We talked about wanting to begin to offer bootblacking and/or leathercare at community events. I tried to arrange to have some experienced bootblacks come and give us a day of education but so far the ones we discussed are not available. Still working on it but it will need to be in a few months. We discussed having a leather care learning day on Sunday June 1, but that will not be happening.

Exciting news at the Iron bear! They are going to begin hosting a Leather Night! It will be on the Second Saturday of each month which handily enough is the same day we have our meetings. The Bears love their little sisters don’t they?

Be sure to plan to come to the next meeting and plan to stay late to enjoy the Leather night!

See you all soon!