January 2015 Meeting Summary

The day of our January meeting found the Austin area very wet and cold with the possibility for sleet and icy roads.  We touched base with as many of the girls as we could and decided to relocate the meeting to a more central location for those girls that did want to venture out, and for those that didn’t, we opted to hold a second meeting the following Saturday for them.

During the meeting we discussed the upcoming Alamo City Leather & Fetish Weekend.  We have invited all of the Agol girls to attend the event as a way to socialize together while supporting the Leather community.  The club will be obtaining a suite at the hotel on Saturday to provide the girls a place to relax between classes and also for us to hold our monthly meeting.  The girls are also welcome to include their significant others and the suite will be available to all pledges, members, and supporters to spend the night if needed.

In addition, the girls will request an announcement advising that the AgoL suite will be open as a Hospitality suite at the conclusion of the Mr. Alamo City Leather Contest.  The girls will provide an open bar, drink service, and snacks as a way to socialize and interact with whomever wants to come up and visit with us.  We will also set out our fundraising buttons for anyone that wants to buy one as a show of support for the club.

We will continue to button up the final details via email up to the event date, as we will not be meeting again until we are there.