August Meeting Summary 2014

The girls met at the Iron Bear as usual.  Several of the girls had conflicting issues to attend to, so we had smaller attendance this month.

We discussed a great service opportunity presented to AgoL by the staff of the Dallas Beyond Vanilla event.  They were very impressed by how the AgoL girls ran the food service at the GWNN Bash PP, and asked if we would be interested in running the Presenter’s Lounge at their event.

Because we had low attendance, it was decided that we would post the service opportunity to our yahoo group.  We decided that in order to staff it for the entire event and still allow the girls working it to have some down time, we would need the participation of 5-6 girls minimum.

After giving the girls some time to respond, it was decided that, unfortunately, we would not have enough girls available to attend the event to accept this service opportunity this year.  We advised the Beyond Vanilla staff that perhaps with more notice, we could plan to do so the following year.

Instead, some of the girls that are planning to attend Beyond Vanilla this year will try to volunteer time in the Lounge as they have time.

We are very proud to have been asked, and we thank the girls that have done such great work in the community that it is being noticed and respected.