June Meeting Summary 2014

AgoL June Meeting: 6/14/14

The girls primarily spent time working on Leather Care and Bootblacking, practicing cleaning and shining boots and vests with the products they had, and offering opportunities for the Bootblacks to practice their skills as well.  Everyone participated in sharing their preferences, techniques, skills, information, and energy.  It was great to experience all the girls interacting, getting to know one another, and bonding, all while teaching one another what they had to share.  Great job girls!

Announcements were made, covering the following topics:

-Pride Parade: we acquired the donation for the use of a pick-up truck in the parade, we will be looking into matching tutus for the girls to wear, reminder that we will not be throwing any items, but will be using bubble guns and kisses during the march.

-New Executive Decision to implement Pledge Projects: some pledge girls were assigned projects to support the club in finding a reliable source to execute/make our back patch, provide support in acquiring jewelry to match the back patch theme, and support in finalizing the back patch artwork.  Another pledge project will be to research t-shirt costs and screen printing options toward finalizing a second run of AgoL t-shirts.  These t-shirts will be for pledges and members to wear to represent the club. We are all very excited about these projects and they will all count as volunteer time completed toward pledge requirements.

-Treasurer Report: Pride parade entrance fee paid in full from current funds, reminder of membership dues pending payment, I<3AgoL Button Fundraiser – buttons were issued to each girl to sell or gift as friendship pins,  and sales will go toward replenishing funds used for Pride. Receipts issued to each girl for any transfer of funds – donations, t-shirt sales, dues paid, etc.  Approval to use funds to acquire glow wristbands for the girls to wear during Pride, fun!

-Volunteer Opportunities: girls shared upcoming events that request volunteer time from the girls.  Volunteer opportunities are to be posted to the FetLife group, indicating our involvement to all of the members, Associate members, and the community.

Last, but not least, our Leader had the pleasure of issuing a Membership patch to our newest Member, whom completed her pledge year.  Congratulations on her hard work representing the club! All of the girls are very proud of you, and the hugs were warm and welcoming.

At the close of the meeting, most of the girls planned to return to The Iron Bear, our home Club Bar, to support their Leather and Latex event that evening.  We love our home Club Bar, and we are committed to supporting them as much as they support us!  Kudos to the bar tender wearing his I<3 AgoL t-shirt all night and taking great care of us! We all had a great time together, during and after the meeting.