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What is a Leathergirl?

Recently I was asked this question and found that it is difficult to put into words. Being one who is rarely at a loss for words I managed to reply but am hoping to hear from more of you as to how you would answer this question. Here is what my answer was:

The group membership will require that you self-identify as a Leathergirl. That, by my reckoning, means that we each find our own meaning.

For me, it means that I see Leather folk as people I feel affinity with, tribe with, and family with. I feel Leather and the integrity, trust, and support are all part of how I live and who I enjoy being around. Being a girl is part of my personal identity. I am feminine in my mind’s eye. I see myself as a young woman with soft bits that also is strong and hardy. So…Leathergirl.

I am also a slave. Not all slaves are Leather or Leathergirls. Not all Leathergirls are slaves. Leathergirls are not even necessarily submissive or bottoms. They can be Dom, Top, Switch, slave, Master, or whatever. Those are relationship styles, but different than an identity.

To me, Leathergirl means I am willing to serve my family, my community, and my sisters with a joyful heart and always an intent to do right by folks.

More on this discussion can be found in our discussion of this question on our FetLife group.

– Anonymous

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