Our club banner. Designed, created, and donated by Gene Lowman of Anchorage, AK April 2014.
Our club banner. Designed, created, and donated by Gene Looman of Anchorage, AK April 2014.

Who we are:

We are a Club of self-identified Leathergirls.  Membership is not limited by race, creed, orientation or gender; however, an identification of Leathergirl is essential.  A girl-heart is an individual self-identity.  Austin girls of Leather is a unique and powerful group of individuals – our solidarity and commonality is found in our understanding that the definition of Leathergirl involves who you are and not just how you play.

What we do:

AgoL holds monthly Meetings, hosts a monthly Coffee Munch, communicates via social media and discussion boards, and participates in outreach and service at Leather events within and beyond the Austin, Texas area.

Our Mission:

To provide camaraderie in a safe space to any individual who identifies as a Leathergirl.

To promote acceptance and understanding of feminine energy within Leather.

To provide community service within and beyond the Austin, Texas area.

Current AgoL Leadership:

Leader: slave elizabeth

Sgt. at Arms: His spicy

Chaplain: His spicy

Secretary: joy shadow

Treasurer: Leathergirl Kris

Events Director: Sonya

Member Services and PR: Rena

AgoL Management Positions:

Website Manager: His spicy

*Honorary Club Contributors:

Master Todd

Master DaddyQBall

Mr. and Mrs. Jeep

Warren LaFrance

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi ladies,
    Charllie here,HgoL VP, I am wondering about an event y’all are having in June. The girls want to attend, but we need particulars so we can plan on who is coming, place to stay, etc!
    Any information you can supply would be wonderful.
    Charllie Kraft
    Vice President
    Houston girls of Leather

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